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Our story



OUR VISION      We are sisters with a dream to bring the charms of Ancient Greece to women of the world through our genuine leather, skillfully hand-crafted sandals.  Our goal is to bring the adventure of dressing to you and to promote comfortable yet fashionable choices in footwear using natural materials.  Our Meraki, our passion, is to bring the easiness and beauty of casual dressing to you through the use of quality materials, the skill of craftsmen and a creative Grecian vision.

QUALITY     All of our sandals are skilfully handcrafted on the island of Cyprus.  Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure.  Great passion and care goes into making each and every sandal.  Each sandal is skillfully crafted with soft quality leather.  The upper and lower sole are 100% genuine leather, a rubber heel is attached for traction and additional comfort.  Hand braiding, hand painted beads, and antiqued brass or green patina beads make each pair of Meraki sandals a truly unique and timeless work of art. 

OUR NAME     Meraki is a Greek word.  The definition is the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.  Our sandals are created with Meraki.  The concept of Meraki is expression of self, to be a lover of yourself, people, what you do, nature, life, and adventure.  We hope Meraki inspires you to wander and search in style and confidence. 

PHILOSOPHY    Our company inspires us to live with Meraki.  Doing everything and anything you do with passion and an essence of yourself; automatically makes life so much sweeter.  We hope our creations inspire you to live with Meraki and spread love and passion through your home, community and the world. We are providing the start in your closet. Our sandals are genuine leather and handmade, knowing you are purchasing a handcrafted quality product makes you feel empowered and makes the product that much more special.

OUR SYMBOL   Our symbol is the bee inside an ancient Greek soldier shield.  Bees are workers that coexist in harmony, living as a unit; illustrating the power of community and teamwork.  Bees prompt the questions: Am I doing all I can to make my life more fertile and rich? Am I busy enough or perhaps too busy? Am I taking time to savour the honey of life?  Bees live everyday with Meraki, and our symbol is a reminder to do the same.  Bees make honey, the nectar of life and the food of the Gods. The bee reminds us to extract the honey of life and make our lives fertile and productive while the sun is shining.   With all of the bees’ wonderful gifts and symbolism, the spiritual power of the bee is truly amazing.  Let the humble bee serve us as a guide and a reminder.  We hope our sandals remind you to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures of life; the sweetness of the honey  

The ancient Greek shield was given by Spartan mothers or wives to their departing warrior  with the words: "With it or on it!" (Greek: Ή ταν ή επί τας! E tan e epi tas!), implying that he should return (victoriously) with his shield, or (his dead body) upon it, but by no means after saving himself by throwing away his heavy shield and fleeing. The inspiration and the lesson from the shield is that we should never give up and give our all to anything we do hence the Meraki concept…Live with Meraki and put your essence to all that you do…