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When will my sandals ship?

Your sandals are handmade to order and will ship within 15-17 business days of your purchase.  Please allow us this time to make your sandals to the best of our ability!!!  We greatly appreciate you and wish to send you the best possible quality we can make!


How do I care for my Meraki sandals?

 The leather sole will expand when wet, we recommend you try to avoid wet conditions.  In the event your sandals do get wet, allow them time to dry out slowly and naturally, away from direct heat.  Your sandals and soles are made of all leather, conditioning them will help to maintain and enhance the longevity of your sandal.  In order to clean you must first brush off all the superficial dust and dirt collected on the sandal then, with a soft cotton cloth and a cream leather conditioner, condition your sandals by rubbing the cream into the leather in a circular motion.


Is there a limited stock per season?

 YES. It is unlikely that we will restock items besides very rare occasions. For this reason we provide you with the current stock count of each item you are interested in. In order to find out how many are left just select the size of the specific model you are interested. You will see the current stock on top of the size option. If you are considering something and there is only one left, it is better for you to know; our sandals are handmade, restocking may take longer than you would like to wait!!


Where is Cyprus anyway?

 Great question!! Cyprus is a little island in the Mediterranean Sea, we speak and eat Greek.  There are beautiful beaches to swim in and mountains to climb.  If you are thinking of coming, we would love to hear from you, we can suggest yummy places to eat and amazing sights to see!


How do I care for my beaded sandals?

 The textured beads used on our sandals often display heavily blackened areas in the recesses and a more polished look on raised areas. Precisely for this reason, it’s vital not to use silver polish on the beads. This liquid polish is far too harsh for the beads and removes all traces of the natural tarnish that helps to create a bead’s character.  Instead, use warm water and a small amount of sulphate free soap on a soft cloth, wipe the beads down and then polish them with a jewellery cloth.  Our beads are nickel free antique brass or green patina dipped.


What do you mean when you say the sandal is fully adjustable?

 Some of our styles are full adjustable, meaning you can change the length of all of the straps of the style.  We will soon feature videos indicating how to adjust your sandals so that they are the perfect fit to your feet!  Please refer to the video on how to adjust styles Kourion and Rhodes.


My straps are too big/I need to add another hole, how can I do this?

 We understand that you may need to add holes and shorten the straps of your sandals to make them perfect for you.  We recommend using a leather puncher or going to a belt/shoe repair to have this done for you, they can also cut the strap for you.


Returns and Exchanges

 We accept returns on all full-price orders within 14 days of the day the merchandise is delivered.  The merchandise must be returned in the exact condition in which it was shipped with all its components in order to receive a refund or exchange. Be aware that any sign of wear and tear will result in denial to accept returns or exchanges.  Shipping charges for returns/exchanges are not credited unless there is a defect in the merchandise. Please review our disclaimer below.

To return unwanted items contact: marketing@themerakicompany.com

Please include with your return a copy of the order invoice and indicate whether you would like an exchange or return.  Please allow up to 7 business days for your return or exchange to be processed.  You will receive a conformation by email when your return or exchange is complete.

*All sale merchandise is final. No returns or exchanges.



Our sandals are made of natural soft leather. Due to the natural materials of Meraki sandals the color may slightly differ from sandal to sandal or photograph to sandal.  This is the nature of leather adding to the uniqueness of your hand crafted shoe.


Shipping and Returns:

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Sizing Guide

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